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Your employees are burned out. Meditation classes help employees calm their minds, feel more fulfilled, improve focus, regulate emotions and enjoy their work.

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Proven Stress Reduction Practices

Peak practices are all based on data-backed techniques and proven stress reduction strategies. All Peak practices are deeply rooted in neuroscience.

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Mindfulness meditation is an extremely accessible tool for your body and your mind. The range of workplace benefits is vast, from improving focus to reducing stress leaves.

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Corporate Programming

Mindfulness meditation meets corporate. 1/2 Day or full day workshops, lunch & learns and weekly meditation classes are our bread and butter! An easy way to bring more mindfulness to the workplace.


On-Demand Onsite Corporate Meditation Classes

Many people struggle to maintain mindfulness practices in their spare time so Peak brings the practice to them — at work! Classes can be provided daily, weekly or monthly. All Peak meditation classes are deeply rooted in neuroscience, non-religious and customized to your business. 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Company Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns are an extremely easy way to bring mindfulness training into an organization. Equip your employees with stress reduction tools while they enjoy their lunch! Roughly a 50/50 split of presentation to meditation. This is a great option for a large groups that are always on the move.

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Corporate Consulting & Research

100% organizational consulting and research. This option conducts an overall analysis of how your company structurally and behaviourally promotes mindful work. The outcome of this analysis and custom research is a final grade and a comprehensive report. The report is filled with recommendations, next steps and further programming if needed. This research is a critical element to systematically reducing occupational stress.

Keynote Speaking

Founder Kayla Kozan’s, “perfect mix of expertise, coaching and comedy,” covers a wide range of topics including corporate mindfulness meditation, mindful leadership, mental health in the office and the burnout epidemic. Kayla speaks across North America at company gatherings, annual meetings, industry events, wellness days and training sessions.

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Executive Coaching

Mindful leaders encourage workplace-wide wellness! Peak’s mindfulness coaching focuses on what leaders need most right now. A complete toolkit for stress reduction, increased focus, mindful leadership and corporate wellness. Very customizable. Executive mindfulness coaches consult with leaders onsite or virtually. Book a free consultation at any time!

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