Kayla is a corporate meditation teacher devoted to bringing mindfulness meditation to stressed out professionals.

Peak Wellness Co. was founded by Kayla Kozan, a burned out young professional looking for a better way to manage the overwhelming stress and Sunday night anxiety brought on by her hectic financial district lifestyle. 

To make matters worse, she was facing a mental health crisis of her own, behind the scenes.

Seeing a therapist became expensive, exercise and essential oils could only do so much and herbal tea did, well…nothing. She was introduced to mindfulness meditation as a way to cope with persistent stress, an inability to focus and poor sleep.

And it worked.

After seeing the change in her own life, Kayla devoted all of her spare time to becoming an expert on the subject of mindfulness at work. With over 150 hours of formal mindfulness facilitator training from U of T, Google’s SIY Leadership Institute and The Center For Mindfulness Studies, Kayla left her day job to make mindfulness meditation more accessible for the working professional.

Peak focuses on evidence-based practices that are proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and develop that feel-good-sleep-well-kick-ass-love-your-job-wellness.

Many people struggle to maintain mindfulness practices in their spare time so Peak brings the practice to them — at work!

"To someone outside the industry, it may not be apparent how vast Kayla's training is - this type of expertise takes years to hone and to be this polished at such a young age is an outstanding achievement."


Google SIYLI training

Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate

Mindfulness Without Borders Facilitator Training

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)